Your wedding ceremony is your chance to stand in front of the people you love and tell your partner that this is it. They are it.


It is a moment in time that reflects who you are as a couple so you want a ceremony that is uniquely you, right?

I want that too.  Let’s do that!



I’m Jodie Cochrane, a registered Australian Marriage Celebrant and geeky romantic.

I live in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane and am happy to travel to locations throughout Brisbane, the Sunshine and Gold Coasts, Toowoomba and surrounds to be a part of this huge event in your lives. I probably won’t jump out of a plane with you, but I’m open to ideas. Well, I’d think about the plane thing.

 I will write you a unique ceremony, guide you in writing your own or a blend of both. We can use your favourite quotes, readings, books and songs or act out entire scenes from your favourite films. Your wedding ceremony can be traditional and elegant or as left-of-centre as you want it to be. Whatever you want to do, I’m in.


Please contact me however suits you and we can chat further about how I can help make your wedding unique and Just You.